Best Automation Testing Tools To Consider In 2021

The ultimate software version we use goes through a rigorous debugging and testing process initially. Before rolling out the final software, the process involved ensures that the software is smooth and produces expected results. Currently, automation testing tools in the software development industry refer to those tools that run millions of test cases and deliver results. The result is then compared with the expected result. However, with automation tools, human intervention is minimal, which reduces the chances of errors. 

Using automation testing software tools has been dubbed as a better technique primarily because the chances of manual error are more diminutive. This is especially true for cases when repetitive test cases are run, and automation tools eliminate these repetitive cases and streamline the entire process. Therefore, various software development companies today promote the use of automation testing tools. 

This helps in acquiring desired output with better accuracy and test coverage. From web developers to app developers, everyone is inclined towards these tools because they take away the burden from human shoulders. Also, who would want to waste their time by running repetitive test cases? Here are some of the best automation software testing tools you can try out for your organization. 


Selenium is an open-source automation testing tool, which makes it quite desirable. The test scripts on Selenium can quickly scale across a variety of computing environments, which are supported by several browsers. 

Over 5200 Multinational Companies use Selenium as their automation testing tool, which itself speaks about the veracity of the claims. You can employ this tool for testing across giant browsers such as Mozilla Firefox, Safari, Google Chrome, etc. 

Selenium also boasts a parallel testing feature, which is excellent for cutting down the program execution time. Therefore, if you are on a strict timeline, Selenium could just be your savior. You can learn the functionality of these time-saving tools in your MCA course, which offers a specialization in Cloud Computing.

Moreover, the interface on this tool is relatively easy, so even if you are inexperienced in automation testing, you will not face any significant difficulties. Additionally, this tool is capable of helping you produce a reproduction of the bugs encountered. This can be possible in both exploratory as well as regressive testing. Top MNCs like American Red Cross, ZenDesk, etc., are already using this tool for their developmental work. 


Ranorex is an excellent automation tool for beginners. It has a code less click to get through feature, which is a blessing for those who have never been on automation testing tools. Ranorex is your all-in-one stop for cross-browser and cross-platform testing across different devices. 

This tool runs just as well on smartphones and tablets as it does on PCs. Also, the codeless access is smooth because Ranorex uses object identification and dynamic IDs. This object identification feature helps in clearly defining objects in a code, which helps in smooth testing and debugging. 

Now, clearly defined objects in writing and debugging will help derive meaningful results. This is the reason that more than 4000 corporations use Ranorex as their testing tool. These corporations are willing to customize their existing code per the standards of this tool, which is also licensed. 


Kobiton is one of the most powerful automation tools available on the market. The best thing about this tool is cloud base, which makes it flexible for all sorts of mobile devices. This tool provides scriptless testing services, which is great for corporations looking for visual testing solutions. 

Kobiton is especially useful in cases where companies want to check multi-device functionality. Moreover, with Kobiton, you also get continuous integration and continuous development seamlessly. 

Kobiton is a handy feature because it helps in frequent code changes. These code changes are precise and reliable. Therefore, you can directly send the code to your clients with the changes brought about by the automation tool. 

Apart from CI and CD, the Kobiton also includes in-depth exploration and reporting. This feature is compatible with other closely associated tools such as GitHub, Jenkins, and TeamCity. This helps in testing the design and also defect detection. If some defects remain unexplored in the early stages, with in-depth exploration, they can be covered later with minimal human interference. 


Cucumber is a revolutionary automation testing tool that works on a completely different principle than other tools. The universal selling point of Cucumber is that it is equipped with behavior-driven development. Also, this is an open-source tool, which makes it quite flexible for cross-platform and cross-browser testing. This is the first time that an automation tool is claiming a behavioral analysis feature. 

Currently, this feature helps in typing the test case scenarios in simple languages like English or Gherkin. Based on these scenarios, the tool prepares test cases and runs them on the program code. 

Cucumber is a convenient tool, especially for businesses with a fleet of non-technical staff. This will also bring transparency between developers and business people because non-specialists will now understand the principle behind the code. Moreover, you will also get to work with better team coordination and support, which is critical for organizational growth. 

Apart from its cross-functional abilities, Cucumber is also compatible with some of the other premium testing tools such as Database Rider, LambdaTest, qTest Management, Karate DSL, Experitest, and so on. Therefore, this makes it a great automation tool in 2021, especially when remote working culture is catching on. 


Eggplant is yet another business-centric metric automation system in 2021. Eggplant is a licensed tool that offers Digital Automation Intelligence, which helps testers assess their test reports in real-time. They can now monitor, track, and evaluate the failure or success of their modules. This tool is handy for quantifiable business models like profits, costs, product returns, and interest costs. 

Eggplant encourages approach-oriented test cases in a scalable manner. Additionally, it would be wrong to consider Eggplant as an isolated tool as it is more of a testing platform that offers performance handling, GUI, and application testing. 

Also, the scriptless module forwarded by Eggplant promotes it as one of the business-centric automation tools. The Eggplant, which is essentially a collection of tools, also offers cross-platform testing because it is compatible with Linux, Mac, and Windows. 

Therefore, this platform’s flexibility encourages businesses to invest further in this tool since it can reach more people. Lastly, Eggplant also offers seamless integration with other handy tools such as Jenkins, Quality Center, and IBM Rational Quality Manager. Notably, this integration does not entirely do away with the scripting. 


Software development and automation testing tools go hand in hand. Organizations and corporations look for skilled developers who are also acquainted with automated testing. Some of these tools might be a bit complex to use because of the scripted interface. 

However, 2021 has seen some significant developments in simplifying the user interface of automated software testing tools. This is an excellent step in bridging the gap between technical consultancies and businesses. Additionally, corporations can now understand the functioning of codes better and the underlying principle, which can help forward desired changes more efficiently. 

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