Best 1337X Proxy List And Alternatives – Full List Updated:

1337x is the best site to download all kinds of content for free. From books, series, games, and much more. How easy and fast it is to find any information and download it, makes this platform the favorite of many.

However, the platform was attacked by censorship to the point of permanently shutting down. Sharing illegally downloaded audiovisual content is a crime in many countries and, today, the pages to find movies and series like 1337x are decreasing little by little, as some sites are available, but the vast majority of content has been eliminated.

On the other hand, there are many sites that claim to be the platform we are looking for and turn out to be fake pages full of viruses and hackers, so we must always be careful. Remember to always use a VPN to stay protected in case this happens or, in case, the original platform is not available in your country.

Before we start talking about different variants of the site, we should quickly mention for all the first free content downloads in the world that this is really a community, that torrent download? There are torrent greases that allow you to install programs for online purchase of generic viagra medicine. This medicine will make the erection in men very strong.

That is why, in this article, we have compiled the best 1337x alternatives that are still active so that you can continue to enjoy your favorite movies and series, whether you enjoy the content online, or download it.

1337x Working Proxy Lists:

All the working proxy lists of 1337x are given below:

Best 1337x alternatives:

Before we start talking about the different website options, we should quickly mention for all the first-timers in the world of downloading free content, that it really is a community what are torrent downloads?

Well, basically it is a file, which is responsible for correctly carrying out a download, whether of large files, it ensures that it is as fast as possible. Therefore, when downloading torrents on the internet, we enter into a P2P operation, because the more people choose to download a specific torrent, the stronger the connection will be.

Finally and very important to know, is that torrent downloads are not piracy at all, so doing this type of download is quite safe if you know how to take care of viruses.

Now, the 1337x platform is notable for its excellent content and very good reviews by its users, but nevertheless, there are many threats of closure in some countries, and in others, it has completely disappeared.

Here we leave you the best alternatives since yes, there are millions of platforms to download content, but here, we have highlighted the safest ones, where we will get all kinds of content, fully current download links, and, above all, platforms free of viruses and threats of hackers.


This portal is always recommended when looking for torrent alternatives to download. It has a verification system that will help us make sure that the files that we are going to download do not have any virus, are damaged, or have been deleted. To know if the files are verified or not, just check if they have a small asterisk to make sure.

The design of the page is quite organized, which makes it quite easy to use. One point in its favor is that all the audiovisual content it contains is of excellent resolution.


This site is perfect if you are a lover of cinema and premieres. The design of the platform is structured in a way in which it is quite comfortable and simple to be able to search from the year of launch, genre, and sagas, among others.

As soon as we enter the site, we can find the next releases and the reviews about the excellent resolution in which their videos are. Here the search engines are easily adapted to the comforts of each person, thus showing results by year of launch, genre, and country.

Movie torrents:

This option is no less important. Dedicated to fans of the series. Here you will find content quite similar to what you would find in 1337x in terms of series and TV shows

Here you will find movies in Latin or Castilian, subtitled or in English. The languages are very diverse and you can enjoy premieres that are still only in theaters.


Zooqle is another great option if you are looking for a torrent page. Here you will find a large number of torrents in movies or TV shows. Here we will get content in English.


This website has almost all its content in English since the large number of users who enter the site almost daily are people from the United States or Canada. Here we will see a wide variety of movies, premieres and much more.

Rarbg has the newest torrents packed with all kinds of content. Something interesting about this platform is that in almost all its categories it has a “top 10” on each type of content and the most recent


This option is more aimed at movies. Movie lovers will love the content YTS has to offer as the latest releases, up-to-date movies, and even movie classics from across history can be found here.

Something interesting about this website is that, when downloading content, the quality is excellent, even the lowest resolution is quite good at first glance. Here we will clearly find movies, but we can also come across some books, music videos, or series.

Pirate bay:

This is considered the top 1337x alternative option by many of the viewers. It has been one of the best free download platforms around for many years, despite the fact that the police have been dedicating themselves to censoring it in different parts of the world.

Here we can download eBooks, movies, video games, software programs, music, videos, among others.