Ben 10 Games: Who Does Ben 10 has a Crush On?

The main protagonist of the Ben 10 games is 10-year-old Ben 10 from the town of Bell-wood. In the first game, Ben focuses on finding the Omnitrix, a mysterious device that can manipulate the world around it. If you aren’t familiar with the series, you can catch up on the latest episodes of the animated series on Hulu.

Deadly Weapon

When you play the Ben 10 games, you’ll encounter an alien named Xylene. This alien is a very powerful alien, but is not very bright. Unlike Ben and his friends, she can turn into any life form. Ben must save her, or she’ll become a deadly weapon.

Third Season of Ben 10 Original Series

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Xylene first appeared in an episode of the third season of the Ben 10 original series, “The Visitor”. The character was the carrier of the Omnitrix. However, Xylene never appeared again in the Ben 10 series. She also did not appear in the sequels, Alien Force, or Ultimate Allien.

Blank Slates

The ultimate aliens were originally supposed to be blank slates. They developed sentience after battling the Forever Knights and the Generator Rex. They also learned that Vilgax, the green slime, was a living creature. Eventually, Vilgax possessed Old George, but he was mistaken for a false god named Diagon. When Ben rescued him, he was able to return Old George’s power, which he used to defeat Eon and his forces.

Planet Kinet

XLR8 is a Kineceleran from planet Kinet. A speedster, he outruns cars, plasma bolts, and hypersonic planes. According to Wikipedia, XLR8 can reach speeds of up to 400 mph. While these speeds are not nearly as fast as Light Speed, they are still very fast.

Ben’s Crush on XLR8

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Ben’s crush on XLR8 is not completely unfounded. He is actually jealous of her, but also attracted to her. They eventually become friends. However, Gwen is suspicious of her affectionate behavior, and Kevin follows her to investigate. However, he is attacked by a group of animated buildings.

Ben is not the only person who has crushes on XLR8. He also has a crush on Kai Green, who was originally a different alien form. The two met on a road trip, and over time, they developed feelings. Besides Ben’s crush on Kai, Cooper also has a crush on Gwen since the Omniverse episode. She is Ben’s paternal first cousin, and his best friend.

Two Different Protagonists

The Ben 10 games series feature two different protagonists – Ben and Diamondhead. The game is a platform adventure, where you control both of them. You can either control only one, or both, depending on your preference. Ben has a long, spiky hairstyle, and is a master of aim.

Diamondhead is Ben’s first crystal alien, and the third overall. He appears in all three Ben 10 games, as well as Ultimate Alien Force. His is a muscular humanoid made of blue-green crystal with large shoulders and two large crystal spikes on his back. He has yellow eyes. His suit is white with a black patch.

Two Main Characters

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There are two main characters in Ben 10 games: Ben 10 and Kai Green. The former has a crush on Kai Green, who is the possible future of Ben’s wife Kai in an alternate timeline. Ben’s crush on Kai started with only admiration for Ben’s alien forms, but over time they developed feelings for each other.

Original Series

Both Kevin and Gwen seem to have crushes on each other. The original series introduced Ben and Gwen as chummy friends. Fans liked this dynamic, but the rebooted series has seen them become more of a couple. They were both friends in the previous series, but their friendship has been a point of contention since the show’s debut.

Final Words:

While the game itself is very similar to the television series, it has a different setting. Ben tries to save the world, but the game features 10 alien forms. In Ben 10 games, you can use the arrow keys or the space bar to move and fight. The game is easy to learn and is very realistic. You can play alone or with others and still have fun.