Amazon strikes: Coventry workers encouraged by US union

Amazon workers on strike in Coventry say they are inspired by colleagues in the United States who have formed the company’s first-ever labor union.

The GMB union stated that over 300 workers at Amazon’s Coventry warehouse walked out on Wednesday, protesting a “derisory” 5% pay increase to £10.50 an hour.

However, Emma, not her real name, a site worker, stated that UK employees wished to emulate the US trend.

Amazon claimed to offer competitive wages that had increased by 29% since 2018.

Workers at a New York facility voted 55% in favor of joining the Amazon Labour Union last year. Former worker Chris Small led the group, which opposed unsafe working conditions at the retail behemoth during the pandemic.

Amazon, which has opposed unionization, intends to challenge the workers’ triumph, which was validate by authorities earlier this month.

Emma, a Coventry worker, told BBC Radio 5 Live that she was frustrated by Amazon’s anti-union stance, but she was delighted with the progress achieved in New York.

“Amazon is staunchly oppose to unions. We are not permit to discuss it within the building “She stated.

But, you know, we wonder, you know, why can’t we do it when we see Chris Smalls and Derrick Palmer in America and what they’ve accomplished, as well as what is beginning to happen in the rest of Europe. She continued.

“We deserve fair compensation and humane working conditions.

The letter states, “We want them to attend to us… to our issues about the building’s fitness and safety, the environment, how they treat us, & the pay, and not just ignore and replace us.”

‘Not seeing children.

Two workers earlier told the BBC that if they had only a few minutes of “idle time,” they were chastise.

Emma claimed she heard some workers preferring to work 60 hours a week “simply to make ends meet.”

Because they practically sleep that day after working for 60 hours straight, she continued, “They don’t see their families, their children.”

Amazon said no one was compel to work excessive hours, but voluntary overtime was often available, “as you would find in any sector.”

According to a spokeswoman for Amazon, “We appreciate the amazing work our employees do throughout the year and we’re glad to offer competitive pay that starts at a minimum of £10.50 to £11.45 per hour, depending on location.”

“Since 2018, Amazon employees have received a 29% raise in the minimum hourly wage.”