A travel guide on Coorg

We all get tired from our busy routines and schedules and always find places to calm and relax. India is known for many historical places but there are many other places in India that are worth watching. Many of us are fascinated by the places which have a history behind them. The amalgamation of history, adventure, luxury and great food sounds great together. Hill stations are a great place to explore where you can enjoy huge hills with lush greenery all around with amazing food and drinks. There are many hill stations in India among which Coorg, a small hill station in Karnataka, is a beautiful place to roam around.


Coorg is also known as Kodagu, is a popular tourist’s destination with pleasant weather conditions. Not only good weather, but Coorg is famous for Abbey falls, Madikeri fort, Irrupu Waterfalls, Omkareshwara Temple, Nagarhole National Park and many more. Coorg is the best place to go with family and friends. But before visiting make sure to know about the place and other related things such as weather conditions, culture, and places to explore, hotels, how to travel etc. It is important to do detailed research to know the best about the place so that you do not miss anything. You can take the help of any online travel agency as they will guide you on everything. They will also book the hotel as per your budget and preferences. So they will be of great help to make your trip memorable.


Following are some points which will help you to know about Coorg:

  • Culture- The culture and traditions of the Coorg reflect Hinduism. They have a rich heritage and great history. Basically, they have a small population of the Kodava community and they represent themselves as unique and strikingly different from others. The Kodava culture has a very unique traditional dress which includes a saree draped in pleats tucked at the back of the waist and pallu on the left shoulder followed by the vastra tied back at the nape of her neck. Also, the jewellery worn by the women is inspired by nature which includes the moon, flowers, fruits, snakes etc.
  • Language- The regional language spoken by the locals is Kodava thakk. Also, many people are seen speaking English and Kannada.
  • Weather- The summer season ranges between March till the end of May and the lowest temperature is 34 degrees Celsius. If you are not a fan of rain, avoid going in the monsoon season which ranges between June to September. Otherwise, the hills look great in the rainy season where the trees are all lush green. The winter season in Coorg begins in December and stay till February. The minimum temperature stays at 13 degrees Celsius. This season attracts lots of tourists because of the pleasant weather and magnificent scenic surroundings.
  • Attractions- as Coorg is the best hill station in India, it offers many attractions which include Abbey falls, Cauveri Nisargadham, Omkareshwara Temple, Nagarhole National park, Madikeri (a small hill station and headquarters of Coorg). Also, there are many trekking sites such as Brahmagiri, Pushpagiri, Tadiyendamol and many more.
  • Food- Some of the famous cuisines are kadumbutto which are rice dumplings eaten with spicy curry, pandhi curry is a spiced pork curry made with special Coorg spices served with akki roti and bamboo shoot curry is a curry made with the help of bamboos and coconut. There are many other local cuisines, so don’t forget to visit any local restaurant to enjoy these delicacies.
  • Famous- Coorg is famous for coffee plantations and different kinds of spices. The huge fields of coffee have many a different aroma and look very pleasing to the eyes.
  • Packing- While packing carry light cotton clothes and does not forget to carry a jacket or sweater because there are chances of wind blowing especially in the evening. During winters, make sure to carry semi-winters clothes so that you can freely enjoy the weather. Also, if you have plans for trekking, sports shoes are a must.
  • Hotels- Coorg hotels are quite famous for their warm hospitality and deluxe comforts. This hill station has many hotels and resorts to make your stay memorable and comfortable. You will easily get a variety of options of the Tamara Coorg rooms depending upon your budget and choices. The Tamara Coorg is a 5-star property providing all the luxuries and amazing services.The staff is very co-operative and makes every possible effort to make your stay comfortable. They have a variety of room options to choose from and some of them are luxury cottages, suite cottages etc.
  • How to travel- Coorg is well-connected with other nearby states like Karnataka. The closest international one is Mangalore international airport at a distance of 140 kms. Also, Bangalore international airport is 286 kms away from the city.


So above are some of the things you need to know about Coorg. Make sure to check online everything in detail. You can also take help from any online platform to get amazing deals and offers. You can easily travel around with your family and friends. Check every attraction site and make a list you wish to visit. This will help you to get better exposure and will be able to see the things which you adore. Enjoy every local cuisine as they are worth trying. If got a chance, make sure to enjoy the traditional folk culture as well. It is important to find the right hotel for a comfortable stay. This will make your trip memorable and worth it. Make sure to check the reviews and recommendations online to check the quality services provided and to know about the staff. Also, compare the prices online to get the best deals and offers. Also, in terms of safety, Coorg is totally safe and you can easily travel during night time. Always keep these things in mind as a comfortable stay can make your vacation memorable. You can also consult a travelling agency for the best packages and places recommendations.