6 High-Paying Jobs for Women in 2022

Women are still outnumbered by men in some of the high-paying careers. With that said, there were breakthroughs in many male-dominant fields. This helped change how women in the workforce were perceived and allowed them to get more higher-paying jobs. Employers have become more aware of the input women have on organizations.

While there is still much to be done for equal pay, there are definite improvements. The year 2022 is especially rich with high-paying professions women can get into. There are several occupations they can look into today.


For the past decades, men have dominated the veterinary science field. Of course, many women work for Skillhub.com and other essay writing services. But, the number of female vets increased significantly. The veterinary profession has become more attractive to women for several reasons:

  • Being able to work with animals
  • Being able to study animal science and medicine
  • A lack of gender discrimination in school admissions

Women choose veterinary schools to work with small animals instead of large ones. Those willing to work with larger animals get access to more things. Mechanical and chemical restraints to safely work on the ground; this minimizes the risk of being injured while helping the animals. Choosing this profession will have them earning  $93,830 annually.

Physicians and Surgeons
6 High-Paying Jobs for Women in 2022
Women have been increasingly interested in the medical field. The timing couldn’t be better as there’s a shortage of doctors. Medical schools increase their classes and open new schools. This is done to accommodate the increasing demand for physicians, and it’s a fresh change from the past practices of discriminating against women.

Because of this, they were afraid to go into the medical field. The attitude changed in the past couple of years, the number of retired professionals rose, and there’s a lack of medical staff. Three years ago, women became the dominant sex among medical students in the US. Many of them chose to work as surgeons and doctors. Many stages of their training are available online as well, for example, getting PALS certification for those who decide to work with children. This means easier access to education, even for those who have to work and study.

This slowly changes the field that was once dominated by man. Female physicians usually earn on the low end of salaries, but, in time, their salary increases greatly. With the increase of women in the medical field, there’s a potential for career growth, earnings, and job satisfaction.


Many women consider working as pharmacists. It’s one of the most promising jobs in 2022 due to the concept that it’s a family-friendly occupation. Many believe women to be natural at empathy and communication. Being a pharmacist gives ample time to balance personal and professional life.

Working in retail stores gives enough flexibility to raise their children while working part-time. Another thing that attracts women is working for employers without running independent pharmacies. On average, pharmacists earn around $123,670 annually. It’s a lot higher than the median salary across all occupations that stands at about $51,960.

Physician Assistants

Working as a physician assistant is another good career choice for 2022. They work with physicians and carry out the same actions as surgeons and doctors. Many choose this career because it allows them to work as doctors without the M.D. degree. They often get the position working as nurses or by getting a college degree.

Women aspire to become physician assistants to gain medical knowledge. They also want to practice medicine without the pressure of medical schools. In general, they are interested in women’s health and pediatrics. But, in recent years, they are making their way into other disciplines.

Physician assistants can work in many fields as doctors. Another positive aspect is some of the states give more autonomy to the profession. Many choose to run independent practices.

Nurse Practitioners

Nurse practitioners are still one of the most popular and good-paying jobs for women. They perform many things done by physicians but work under their supervision. It’s one of the most high-paying jobs for women that was never popular among men. Choosing this path gives women excellent educational and career opportunities.

Additionally, this role attracts mothers looking for a good salary. They want to help people with medical needs and are attracted by flexible hours. It’s a good choice for those who want to spend more time with their family. The profession has the potential for salary increases. This is due to the high demand for such specialists.

According to the recent data, on average, nurse practitioners earn around $115,800 per year. This is $55.67 per hour.


Over the years, more people have been looking into the field of psychology. There are several reasons for it. Women tend to be more empathetic and are better at expressing their thoughts. They are better at reading body language and non-verbal gestures – this is backed by facts and not stereotypes.

Female brains have more observational and empathetic functions compared to males. These qualities make them naturally inclined towards being psychologists. They love to support those in need of mental health treatment. Aside from a high salary, the profession offers opportunities of helping people, and there are many psychological fields women can work in.


As you can see, there are many good-paying professions women can look into and more opportunities you can find at topresume. They offer great salaries, exciting opportunities, and career growth. Give yourself time to decide which of them suits you the most.