5 Tips to Pre-Plan the Perfect Smokey Mountains Vacation

As simple as it might seem at a glance, vacations are not just about tossing your bag on the shoulder and catching a flight. They require thorough planning on your part. However, the preparatory phase for a vacation is no less exciting. Visualizing the awaiting days of adventure gives a sense of motivation to roll through your strenuous routines and make it to the exciting days. The thrill multiplies many times if your destination offers both the serenity of nature to soothe your nerves and thrilling activities to satisfy your adventure cravings.

Located in the state of Tennessee, one such place is the Smokey Mountains which would fulfill all your expectations. With its sparkling waterfalls, alluring scent of flowers and stretches of lush green land, as well as adventure-filled activities, you would want to make the most of it. To help make your vacations to the Smokey Mountains filled with unforgettable moments, here are some tips for a perfect pre-planning.

1. Pre-Book a Place for Your Stay:

You surely would not want to get wound up in a shelter unsuitable for you and taint all the fun. Before heading out on your journey to Smokey Mountains, make sure you have a place already booked out for an overnight stay. You would want your rented place to fulfill some requirements to meet your comfort level. It might be a particular area, for example, Pigeon Forge, that you wish or a required number of rooms and other facilities. If you do not have a pre-booking, there are chances you might not land on your desired accommodation, especially if tourist turnout is high. To avoid any discomfort choose the most suitable accommodation, for example, from the pigeon forge cabins, and get a pre-booking to secure your stay. Accommodation of your choice will ward off the homesickness that usually accompanies the time away from home.

2. Choose a Suitable Season:

The changing seasons are not only about a shift in temperature but also a shift of scenery. The Smokey Mountains exhibit a pictorial representation of all four seasons. With their blooming and bright flowers in spring, the autumn leaves painting the mountains in beautiful shades, snow-blanketed regions in winter, and a cooling respite from the summer heat, the Smokies adorn the clothing of every season. You may decide which time of the year would suit you best. Each season has its pros and cons, and you will have to weigh them both to make the right choice.    

If you do not like crowds and can handle a little bit of snow, then the winter season may be a suitable option for you. However, some roads and activities are closed down that you would miss. During spring, the mountains burst with life, the weather can be unpredictable, and there might still be some closures. The summer season is the right time to visit if you want to access everything, but get prepared to deal with crowds, as is in the case of autumn. So, keep in mind all the factors and choose the season you would enjoy the best.

3. Decide an Itinerary:

The Smokey Mountains offer a variety of activities and scenic spots you can visit on your vacations. You might not be able to cover everything, either due to time restraints or pocket limits. Prioritizing places and activities you wish to cover beforehand might go in your favor instead of making impulsive decisions. 

Planning an itinerary would enable you to optimize your time since you would have a plan ready at your hand. With some spare time by your side, you would be more flexible to accommodate unusual circumstances, like heavy traffic or bad weather. You can also estimate the total expenditure of the vacation if you have everything mapped out. You can be mentally prepared and set aside a budget accordingly rather than worrying about spending too much later. So, play smart and fulfill your desires with maximum cost and time efficiency.      

4. Pack All the Necessary Gears:

A good traveling experience is about efficient packing. However, packing the gears for multiple purposes can be a challenging task. Maintaining a reasonable weight of luggage with all the necessary items is cumbersome. You have to decide what to pack and what to leave. If it is your first experience going on a vacation to the Smoky Mountains, thoroughly research what you need for your desired activities and pack accordingly. 

For example, providing your feet with comfortable shoes is of utmost importance when traveling. Especially if you are up for some hiking, reliable trek shoes are a must-have. You can also go on a jeep tour of the Smokies and would need to arrange the gear accordingly. Similarly, do not forget your sleeping bag if you plan to camp under the stars. Whatever you pack, make sure it coincides with your plans as you would depend upon it during your entire trip.

5. Take the Necessary Food Items or Ingredients With You:

Planning the menu of your meals for the stay will be pocket friendly for you. Although the idea of savoring the delicacies of ready-made food and saving yourself the hassle of cooking on your vacations is appealing, it might eat up your budget. So, do not discard the option of some cooking in the kitchen of your cabins. Your rental cabins or cottages most probably would have a well-equipped kitchen, but the need for other ingredients might arise nonetheless. Instead of running the errand of grocery shopping on your vacation, make a checklist of the required items and buy them beforehand. Just a little effort from your side, and you are self-sufficient to cook the food if the need arises. 


Anticipating the fun-filled times that would take us far from the boredom of routine life is something we all look forward to. Any gaps and holes left may become a worry for you later, something you had wished to take a break from and planned a vacation in the first place. For your leisure time to be perfect and stress-free, you need to look into every minute detail. Plan your vacation thoroughly so that the resulting problems may not ruin the fun. Once you have taken care of everything, sit back and enjoy as the fun and hidden marvels of the Smokies unfold before you.