5 Reasons You Shouldn’t Think Twice About Hiring a Slip and Fall Accident Lawyer

About 540,000 people will suffer an injury from a slip and fall accident this year.

Slip and fall accidents make up 30% of all reported workplace injuries.

But, despite being so common, they can be uncommonly difficult to seek justice and compensation for.

Here’s why you shouldn’t think twice about hiring a slip and fall accident lawyer.

You Won’t Have to Question if You Have a Claim

Sometimes it’s difficult to tell when an accident merits legal intervention, and when it doesn’t. You can spend hours Googling and questioning. But, you won’t really know if you have a claim or not until you seek legal advice.

Most of the time any preventable defect on the grounds of a business, that caused an injury, has some basis for a lawsuit. For example, fractures and ice build-up on flooring and walkway is a common cause of injury. Even kinks in carpeting that may have caused someone to trip and fall.

Other justifiable causes for a slip and fall accident lawyer include unattended and worn down railings, fluids on flooring, poor lighting, and oversight to warn of potential dangers.

You’ll Know for Sure Who’s At Fault

If you slip and fall from spilled liquids on a working surface, who’s to blame? Is it an employee who may have spilled it and not cleaned it up? Is it the manufacturer of a leaky container? Is it machinery? The manager working that day?

Specifying one guilty party can become very trivial when trying to place blame. This process usually requires a lengthy workplace legal investigation that most people aren’t capable of conducting. Sometimes, multiple people and organizations are to blame. Following the trail to those at fault can be difficult.

You’ll Gather More Evidence for Your Claim

If “true crime” has taught the average Joe anything, it’s that you need evidence to have any kind of case. This includes slip and fall accidents. Ultimately, evidence is what “proves” liability.

But, how do you collect evidence from a simple workplace setting? Especially when you’re injured? Lawyers understand how to access such information. They know what evidence will build a strong case and they know how to get it.

Your Settlement Will Be Higher

Most lawyers either offer free consultations or only collect payment after you’ve collected some kind of compensation. This literally gives you nothing to lose by contacting a slip and fall accident lawyer. It’s also highly motivating to the lawyer working on your case to get as much from a settlement as possible.

Lawyers also know more about what you can claim a financial loss. A lot of people only think about medical bills or loss of work, but you can calculate the monetary value of many things. Small things like the cost of delivery fees for basic needs because you cannot drive, bandages and wound care, loss of time, stress, and anxiety add up.

You Literally Have Nothing to Lose

What do you really have to lose by contacting a slip and fall accident lawyer? Even if you go to a consultation and are told you do not have a case, you’re still given the assurance and peace of mind that you know for sure. Chicago family lawyer The best case is that your accident will be brought to justice at a level you never thought possible.

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