5 Netflix Movies will increase Family Joy with Kids

There is nothing more important in the world than having joy in your family. Happy families create a connection bond with each family member without leaving anyone behind. They share jokes, watch sports, and play together, creating a strong, happy family.

The good thing about spending time with your kids is that you happen to understand them more. And as a result, they feel comfortable around you, making them feel free to share anything with you. When kids feel valued, it makes them feel positive about themselves.

Unfortunately, because of technology and the availability of smart devices, it’s no longer easy for parents to ask their kids to spend time with them. Instead, you will find that everyone is busy playing video games on their own and watching movies on their devices behind closed doors in their rooms. 

When that happens, there is a risk that your kids can be exposed to content not suitable for their age.

So, make sure to spend time with your family, you can start by watching a movie together. You can find a list of family movies on Netflix Australia that are entertaining and good for family viewing. By doing so, your family will be filled with joy and happiness from parents to the kids.

Below are some of the Netflix movies you should consider watching with your family 

How to train your dragon (2010)

A teenager from the island of Berk named Hiccup is a young Viking who wants to join up with the residents of his town in the fight against dragons. The dragons happen to be raiding their town frequently. But unfortunately for Hiccup, his father, also a village leader, refuses the idea of letting his clumsy, inventive son join the war. However, Hiccups joins the war without his father’s approval.

Using his creative invention, he downs a Night Fury dragon, but he’s unable to kill it. So instead of thinking of how to kill it, the two bond and become friends. Hiccup even gives a name to the dragon by naming it toothless. How will the friendship of the two be received?

How to train your dragon is an interesting animation movie filled with great storytelling, relatable characters and action. It’s a good film, especially for family viewing, one that kids will enjoy watching.

Free Willy (1993)

After being separated from its parents, a young whale (Willy) ends up in a fish bowl at a Marina. Jesse, a street kid, is guilty of vandalizing a Marina, only for the social worker to get him off the hook. To amend for his sins, he must work at the Marina.

While working, he sees a young Orca whale and befriends it.  The two make a great bond, and the boy starts to teach the whale tricks, something even the trainer was not able to do.

When the greedy owner of the Marina sees the whale in front of the audience, he starts to make plans to profit from them.

Free Willy is an entertaining children’s film, one that they will remember for a very long time. It has a good storyline that you will enjoy watching with your family.

Back to the Outback (2021)

After getting tired of being locked up in a reptile house and treated like monsters by humans, Australia’s deadliest creatures decide to plot an escape. Their plan is to go back to the Outback, where they will feel safe and secure without being judged for how they look. The one leading the group of the four deadliest animals is Maddie, a deadly snake with a heart of gold. 

They are dangerous but very caring. Everything looks to go smoothly, but not when unexpectedly nemesis pretty boy discovers their plan. Now, they are left with no choice but to let him join their escape plan.

Back to the Outback is one entertaining movie; it consists of humor that will likely get chuckles from the whole family. It’s one of those movies where parents and kids root for different characters. Here, the parents are likely to root for the lovesick spider as the kids cheer for the dangerous animals they face on their journey to the Outback.

ViVo (2021)

ViVo storyline is based around a kinkajou who loves to play music. Most of his days are spent playing music to the crowds together with his beloved owner Andrés. Their love of music it’s what makes them a perfect duo, considering they don’t speak the same language.

Soon, Andrés receives a letter from Marta Sandoval inviting him to attend a farewell concert. Marta hopes to reconnect with Andrés, and now it’s up to ViVo to deliver a message that Andrés was unable to deliver years ago.

ViVo is an entertaining movie, and it consists of great characters and memorable music that kids will remember for a long time.

Pan (2015)

An orphan boy Peter (Levi Miller), is taken away by a supernatural force to a magical world after discovering his destiny as Peter Pan. He becomes friends with James Hook (Garrett Hedlund) and Tiger Lily (Rooney Mara), a warrior. Now, they must work together to battle a fearsome pirate named Blackbeard (Hugh Jackman).

Pan is an excellent kid’s movie and one worth watching together with your family.


Those mentioned above are the best Netflix movies available on Netflix. They are entertaining and capable of bringing endless joy to your family.