3 Reasons why you Should Invest in NextGen EMR

NextGen Healthcare was initially a dental software business and was started way back in 1974. Quality Systems Inc. was the company’s name back then. We obtained NextGen systems as we know them now after more than 40 years in the sector and a few mergers and acquisitions. The term NextGen EMR (Healthcare Systems), on the other hand, was established in 1997.

Despite mergers and acquisitions, its goals have remained clear and consistent. As the name implies, NextGen Healthcare aims to collaborate with healthcare providers to offer better treatment, save time, and increase their bottom line by utilizing ‘nextgen’ approaches.

It’s relatively simple how they manage to accomplish this. Physicians save time and money on billing and administrative duties by simply adopting an EHR system. They may then put this time to greater use by providing better care to patients.

The ‘nextgen’ aspect is represented via data usage. It’s not just me stating this; NextGen customer reviews back it up, and NextGen officially said in black and white, “We allow clinicians to be more productive and engaged.”

We are committed to promoting more seamless information flows by delivering predictable financial results and ensuring frictionless interoperability. In addition, we seek to improve care coordination by giving insights to detect gaps and control risks.”

With that said, if you’re going to be investing your hard-earned cash and time into an EHR solution, you’re going to need more than company missions and user reviews.

I’ve added the top three reasons why you should invest in NextGen EMR.

NextGen Features

It’s reasonable to claim that NextGen EHR has next-generation functionality. It has all of the bells and whistles that one would expect from a modern EHR solution. Mobile compatibility, a patient portal, appointment scheduling, and reminders, medical billing and a dedicated clearinghouse, e-prescribing, and many more features are available. Instead of going through each feature one by one, it would be much more efficient to bundle them together.

Clinical Care

NextGen Healthcare can assist you in improving the quality and efficiency of care you deliver through;

  • Getting rid of after-hours documentation dictation and using mobile solutions
  • Increasing employee retention by reducing administrative burdens
  • Increasing efficiency with a simplified (and customized) approach
  • Providing specialty-specific information that is immediately integrated into your process
  • Adopting innovative forms of care delivery
  • Using work log managers in conjunction with the deployment of a rules engine that automates jobs
  • Adapting your solution to the needs of your business
  • Providing a network of caregivers

Financial Management

In addition to invoicing and collections, financial management covers all activities that efficiently capture money at the lowest possible cost. Financial management tools help your practice improve performance, increase income, eliminate operational inefficiencies, and elevate results throughout the revenue cycle.

If you choose NextGen Healthcare, you’ll have the help of a team of practice management professionals that provide full-service, scalable, end-to-end revenue cycle management (RCM) solutions. Critical financial management competencies include the following:

  • Pre-service financial clearance and eligibility
  • Charge generation depending on rules
  • A/R management and clean claims
  • Contract recovery and auditing

Patient Engagement

Consumerism, patient expectations, and COVID-19 have all transformed the patient engagement environment. These criteria are met by an online patient experience platform in a safe, comfortable, and seamless way.

By combining a sophisticated patient portal, patient self-scheduling, virtual visits, and online payment choices into one platform, NextGens’ patient engagement technology enables you to provide 24/7 access to therapy. Meet your clinical and financial goals with a highly adaptable solution that works with most third-party EHRs and PMs.

Visit scheduling, pre-visit formalities, virtual visits, post-visit activities, and invoicing are all managed through NextGen’s patient platform. Furthermore, the patient portal includes medication renewals, encrypted communications, and health records.

Population Health

Population Health Management is the collection and analysis of patient data from diverse sources. As a result, caregivers may improve clinical and financial outcomes by developing a centralized, actionable patient record.

NextGen’s population health management technologies enable you to engage patients while decreasing costs and increasing treatment quality. Furthermore, these systems offer advanced population health and analytics capabilities and valuable and actionable insights from clinical, financial, and administrative data.

Among the critical population health management skills provided include, but are not limited to:

  • Analytics for population health
  • Identifying gaps in care and risk stratification
  • Coordination of care
  • Increasing resource consumption


Interoperability and Connected Health

Interoperability refers to the capacity of various information technology systems to communicate and exchange critical data. Interoperability in healthcare allows caregivers to cooperate more effectively both within and outside of organizational boundaries.

Organizations must acquire and disseminate information both inside and outside their networks to provide the best possible care at the lowest possible cost. With NextGen’s integrated, interoperable solutions and services, you can optimize the value of your existing technology for enhanced outcomes and completely connected patient care.

The following are key interoperability features of NextGen EMR:

  • Exchange of transactional data
  • APIs that are ready to use
  • Data collection
  • Conformity to a national interoperability framework

NextGen Reviews

If you go hunting for negative NextGen EMR reviews, you’ll find them to be few and far between. In my opinion, this is the most significant reason for choosing NextGen EMR. User complaints are a few and are never repeated. Users are satisfied with their investment in NextGen EMR.


NextGen might overlook a handful and still end up with too many to count. Among the prominent ones from this year are:

  • Best Practice Management Solution in 2021 according to KLAS (11–75 suppliers)
  • Best Ambulatory EMR in 2021 according to KLAS (11–75 providers)
  • Leaders in the Electronic Medical Records Category at GetApp
  • In the Summer 2021 Medical Practice Management Customer Success Report, NextGen was awarded the market leader in the healthcare IT category.

Final Words

A rich feature set, positive reviews, and a plethora of awards are reasons enough for you to invest in NextGen EMR.