How can trees damage your roof?

With the onset of autumn, it is obvious your house might become vulnerable to tree damage. Some trees have low branches. These branches at times fall onto your roof, thereby clogging gutters and damaging your roof massively. Some trees might also fall onto your roof, causing extensive damage and requiring costly repairs. If you hire a good roofer, they might warn you about the damage trees might cause to your roof. Therefore, you should follow their advice and not wait for trees to damage your roof and clog gutters. There are a few ways roofs can get damaged by trees.


Damage caused by branches

Roof repair is primarily a result of overhanging branches. Trees can break due to winds, snow, or even if the wood becomes rotten. Initially, the damage might not seem too expensive, but later on, it might cause severe damage calling for roof replacements in some cases. A professional roofer will inform you about the consequences to take action in time and remove these branches. It would help if you focused on safety to avoid accidents or mishaps. If you do not take timely action, you might put your family and your house at risk.


Needles and leaves

You must regularly engage in roof maintenance under Benchmark Roofing & Restoration and keep it clean from pine needles, leaves, and any other kinds of debris. If you leave wet leaves sticking to your roof, it might lead to the development of mold, which might as well cause leaks. If you see roof stains frequently, make sure you opt for roof cleaning regularly. You might hire professionals for roof cleaning to ensure your roof remains spanking clean from any debris. You might talk to experts about dramatic damage caused by trees.


Trees falling on roofs

The most dangerous aspect of trees surrounding your roof is that they might fall on your roof, leading to collapse, which can cause a life-threatening accident. Even if you have small trees, you must stay careful because even that can lead to severe future damage. You must call experts to undertake routine inspections about roof health and monitor the trees’ health, focusing on their stability. If the experts feel the trees are weak and old, they might make arrangements to remove them to avoid potential damage later. Therefore, monitoring the trees is significant to remove them before they collapse and damage your roof.


Excessive shade

Some shade from trees appears pleasant during the summer months, but too much shade can prevent water evaporation from the roof, causing roof damage due to moisture accumulation. It can lead to severe roofing issues like roof leaks.


Giving entry to animals

Sometimes the tree branches become long enough to allow entry points to animals. Some animals sit on the roof while others might as well enter the attic, thereby causing destruction. Therefore, it is sensible to cut the branches on time.


If you consult a good roofing expert, they can guide you through the procedure so that you can take precautions and save your costly roof structures.