10 Best Games like Fallout 4

Fallout 4 is a RPG game with a post-apocalyptic theme where the main character explores the wasteland which was once an American city called Boston. Furthermore, the events of fallout 4 occurs ten years after the events of fallout 3. In other words, it happens in the year 2287, which is also 210 years after the great war. The great war was a war between china and America over natural resources. Said war ended in the year 2077 in a nuclear holocaust. Moreover, there are a lot of different kinds of missions, both primary and secondary Playing video games is a popular activity these days. Not only the younger generation, but also the elderly, are attracted to these online games.Minecraft is mostly focused on creativity and skill development. Players can enjoy Best Minecraft Prison Servers online.

Nevertheless, fallout 4 is one of the best RPG games there is. However, if you have already played it and want to try something else, there are many games like fallout 4. In case, you like the post-apocalyptic theme, there are a lot of games that have the same theme just like fallout 4.

Here are 10 best games like fallout 4:

  1. Elder scrolls: Skyrim
  2. Far cry
  3. The Witcher
  4. Borderlands
  5. BioShock
  6. Mass Effect
  7. Horizon zero dawn
  8. Mad max
  9. Read dead redemption
  10. The outer worlds

Elder scrolls: Skyrim

Elder scrolls: Skyrim has an open world gameplay, created by Bethesda property. unlike fallout 4, the theme of this game is fantasy instead of post-apocalyptic. However, the combat elements and some other things are similar to the fallout 4. This is the fifth part of the series elder scrolls, where the players play as Dragonborn who has a quest to defeat a world-eating dragon. Since it is an endless open world, a player can spend hundreds of hours roaming around without starting the main story.

Far cry

Far cry is an open world survival game. There are total 5 parts that have been released in the series. The latest part, far cry 5 takes place in a county in montana. The main character of this game is a deputy sheriff who is a member of the resistance that wants to defeat the doomsday cult that has taken over the place. Just like all the installments in the series, far cry 5 as well, is a first person shooter game with loads of action and adventure.

The Witcher

The witcher is based on a fantasy book which has the same name. not only that but the witcher is also a comic book, a Netflix show, board game and a RPG game. The latest part of the series, released in 2015 was the witcher 3: wild hunt. The main character of the game is a tiularwitcher named Geralt of Rivia. This game as well is an open world fantasy. However, it has third person gameplay.


All the parts in the borderlands series are first person shooting game with the theme of distant future. In this game, the players have a choice between 4 characters. Each character has their own skills, and special abilities. These 4 characters are part of a team that has been sent to the planet of Pandora searching for advanced alien technology. it is available on PC, Playstation 3, playstation 4, Xbox one, Xbox 360 and Mac.


Although, BioShock does not have an open world, it does have a first-person shooting style which makes it a must try. The storyline of this game is about the Bioshock, taking place in the city of Rapture. Furthermore, the events of this game takes place in an alternate 1960’s. the latest part of the series, Bioshock infinite has the steampunk style just like the previous games but it does not take place in the same universe.

Mass effect

There are total of 3 games that have been released in the series, Mass effect. In this game, the main character is commander Shepard who is on a quest to save the galaxy from the Reapers. This game is set in a fictional milky way as well as hundreds of years in the future, and the storyline is quite linear, which makes it more fun. Furthermore, the choices you make in the game effects the storyline of the game. You can also choose the main character’s personality and gender. It is available on Xbox one, Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4 and PC.

Horizon zero dawn

Just like the game fallout 4, this game also has a post-apocalyptic theme. horizon zero dawn is about a hunter named Aloy who tries to unravel the secrets of her past in world which was once lush and green but now, it is full of machines. The game itself is quite versatile and lets the player set traps, craft resources and use a lot of different kinds of weapons, both melee and ranged.

Mad max

Mad max which is based on a film with the same name, also has a post-apocalyptic theme. the main character is Max Rockantansky who is on a journey to find the plains of silence which is apparently a land of peace unlike the wasteland he is living in. as the game progresses, the player is required to upgrade Magnum Opus which is Max’s vehicle. What makes this game quite different from others is its vehicular combat.

Red dead redemption

While mad max allows you to roam around in vehicles. Red dead redemption allows you to roam around riding horses. This game is action packed with a western theme and takes place in North America. The main character of this game is John Marston who is an outlaw and a gunslinger who can mark multiple targets and attack in slow motion using the ability, Dead Eye.

The outer worlds

The outer worlds is a first person RPG. The story revolves around space exploration. Furthermore, this game allows you to create your very own character that can use both the melee and ranged weapons. The decisions you make can influence the story. It is available on PC, Xbox one, Nintendo switch and PlayStation 4.