09 Video Games You Didn’t Know Are Getting TV Adaptations

The Last Of Us, a television series adapted from a video games, will debut on January 15, 2023, on HBO. Despite various networks having a game-to-show adaptation in the works, this is one of several video game series getting a show adaptation and one of the few to garner excitement before the debut.

This lack of coverage could be attribute to the fact that many shows are still in the early stages of production and lack a screenplay or cast that would attract viewers. However, fans of many of these games have begged for their TV adaptations, so the excitement will undoubtedly increase as they (and if they) move further in the development process.

1. Gears of War – Netflix

Fans of Gears of War already have a book series filled with characters they hope will appear in upcoming games and will probably also want them in the upcoming television series. Despite Netflix’s November announcement that the game would receive a movie and television series, there has been no additional word on what fans may anticipate from the project.

The Coalition, the game developers, are participating in the production, so fans should get all the elements they love about the games in the series, increasing the likelihood that the show will succeed. It was the only information fans had about what to anticipated from the program. The live-action series will continue the lore that has already been develop in the games. Despite the lack of a confirmed cast, Dave Bautista tweeted his interest in appearing on the show.

2. Sonic Prime – Netflix

Sonic the Hedgehog is getting another series after two lucrative theatrical movies, but this time it will take the shape of an animated program you can watch on Netflix. The series has a more family-friendly vibe than some of Netflix’s other game-to-television show series, even if it is intend for viewers of all ages.

Since the Sonic movie receive complaints about the original style of Sonic and was change to match what fans expect, as report by Vulture, Sonic Prime adopt a new animation style that is less realistic than the in-movie animation. This shift in storytelling is evidence by the fact that Sonic Prime is set in the future. Despite the contrasts between the show and the film Sonic Prime, it includes a cast of well-known voice actors, including Ashleigh Ball, who has provided the voices for several characters in several My Little Pony series.

3. Pokémon Live-Action Series – Netflix

There was a need for a live-action Pokémon series after Detective Pikachu’s success, which had been neglected for far too long. According to Variety, Netflix has stepped in to fill the void with a series that would blend live-action and CGI characters while emulating the film that revolutionized how Pokémon could be depicted in media. Little is known about the show despite being schedule to premiere in 2023. Once verified, information for fans was that Joe Henderson would take over as the show’s executive producer and writer. Henderson’s name may be familiar to Lucifer fans as he oversaw the show’s production for several seasons.

It would seem logical for Netflix to produce the live-action version, given that the streaming giant already has multiple Pokémon episodes on its platform. The formal disclosure of the show’s plot and how it contrasts with other Pokémon programs from the past and present is currently await by fans.

4. Knuckles Series – Paramount+

Following the release of the Sonic 2 trailer, Variety revealed that Paramount+ would assume responsibility for giving Knuckles his show, letting fans know that the Sonic universe is fully operational and will continue to extend the world of the beloved characters.

No other casting announcements have been made, but it has been announce that Idris Elba will return to the part of Knuckles. It keeps the movie and television program consistent with its choice of voice actors. Sega is currently working on the project, just like it did with the two Sonic movies, so fans can anticipate that the program will incorporate themes from the games.

5. Assassin’s Creed – Netflix

Amazingly, the news that Netflix will be producing a television series based on the Assassin’s Creed franchise hasn’t garnered more notice, given that it boasts some of the most replayable games of any video game franchise. Fans may not have been as enthused about the show since so much time has passed without any updates on what to expect from the live-action series and animation show since the initial information about Ubisoft and Netflix’s relationship arrived in 2020. In a brief update, Gamespot state that Marc-Alexis Cote, a Ubisoft official, had verify the live-action series was an adaptation of the games but provide no other information.

6. Splinter Cell – Netflix

Over the years, fans of Tom Clancy games have demanded television series for many of the titles created by the industry titan of video games. Still, only Splinter Cell has had an animated series revealed thus far. The writer, reveal on Twitter in the official show announcement, is all that is known about the television program.

With Derek Kolstad on board, who gained notoriety for creating the John Wick series, the show is almost certain to feature plenty of action and adventure. Although no formal release dates have been announced, as the program continues to develop, additional teasers are certain to surface.

7. Tomb Raider – Netflix

Although the movie ended on a cliffhanger that was intended to lead into a sequel, the relaunch of the live-action Tomb Raider film franchise appeared to be doomed after a less-than-stellar box office result. Tasha Huo, the franchise’s writer and executive producer, said on Twitter that the series is being brought back as an anime that will continue Lara Croft’s exploits after the video games.

The program would bring together the several timelines depicted in the games, according to the designers, who revealed it as part of the 25th-anniversary celebration of the original game. It would clear up the uncertainty that repeating the Tomb Raider series has caused, which fans have come to accept is a harsh truth. It would also pique interest in the movie series and result in the long-awaited sequel. Although it is still developing, the show will soon be available on Netflix.

8. Horizon Zero Dawn – Netflix

Although the movie end on a cliffhanger that was intend to lead into a sequel, the relaunch of the live-action Tomb Raider film franchise appear to be doom after a less-than-stellar box office result. 

To bring together the various timelines depicted in the games, the show’s makers announced it in conjunction with the 25th-anniversary commemoration of the original game. It would eliminate the confusion, which fans have come to learn is a harsh reality of re-watching the Tomb Raider series, but it would also pique interest in the film series and result in the long-awaited sequel. The program is currently under development but is schedule to be available on Netflix.

Like many other video game to television adaptations, little is known about the Horizon Zero Dawn program. Still, a few important pieces of information have been revealed to fans, including the fact that Netflix will broadcast the show once it is finish and that Sony/PlayStation will be producing it, according to IGN.

9. Fallout – Prime Video

Fallout revealed on Twitter that Bethesda Studios and Amazon would bring fans a television adaptation of the adored game in 2020. The streaming site has been mum on what the show would entail and who has been cast as the key characters, even though fans have indicate which crucial storylines they want the Amazon series to follow. Since the initial post, Kilter Films, the production company behind Westworld, and Prime Video were the only two sources of information viewers have on the show’s progress.