Why Kody’s Children Never Felt Safe Around Meri, According to Sister Wives

Even though the most recent season of Sister Wives has concluded, Paedon Brown dropped a huge bomb by admitting he never felt comfortable around Meri Brown. Kody Brown’s first wife preferred to keep to herself, and while she enjoyed family gatherings, few people stuck out with her. With these latest charges from the Brown children, one cannot help but wonder about their childhood.

Meri Brown of Sister Wives felt entitled to special treatment as Kody’s first wife, but she was astonish when Kody gradually fell out of love with her. Viewers of Sister Wives were treat to the introduction of new and younger brides to the multiple families, leaving Meri to fend for herself. She had lost Kody forever after her emotional romance with a catfish since he no longer trusted her. Nobody ever suspected Meri of mistreating a family member, but now the older children speak up about their experiences.

Meri, did you hurt her sister’s wife’s children?

Paedon hinted in January that he had a bad relationship with Meri, who might be dating again. Paedon revealed some deeply disturbing family secrets on John Yates’ YouTube Live. One Sister Wives fan remarked that Meri always seemed to come off as arrogant, “Paedon elaborated, noting that “abrasive” wasn’t a strong enough word for the 52-year-old, saying, “Meri was not kind… Abrasive isn’t a strong enough term to describe Meri to a couple of us kids.”

Paedon Brown Unveils His Secret

Paedon described some unpleasant moments in the Brown household and accused Meri of being more than just verbally abusive. He stated, “Verbal virtually stopped existence,” but did not go further. Paedon, who said Kody tried to silence him, also brought up tweets from his older sister, Maddie Brown Brush, in 2019, in which she accused Meri of being a “monster.” Kody was unaware of the situation and credited Robyn Brown with “rescuing” them.

He has been extremely forthcoming about his life and the lives of his Sister Wives family. Paedon has already spoken frankly about his faltering relationship with Kody, saying that the last time they communicate was on a Christmas SMS. While Paedon hopes to one day reclaim his father, the aspiring firefighter has disclosed many of the family’s dark secrets. He has already mocked Robyn for having a nanny, criticize his father, and has now spoken out against his father’s former marriage. Paedon is not afraid to go against his family with this new revelation.