Picuki Lovers’ Ultimate Handbook | 2022

Picuki is a photo and image downloader software that enables users to download photos from an Instagram account without logging in or registering. The user will only need to enter their account ID to download the images. Without logging in, the user can view all photos, leaving no traces or footprints. Picuki has many excellent features, like the ability to edit other people’s posts before downloading them. We’ll learn more about picuki in this article, including how it works, how to use it, its features, and its limitations.

Picuki can be used in a variety of ways.

It’s straightforward to use, and there are two basic ways to get to the photos you want.

The first MethodMethod is to search for the username in photos by account, and the second MethodMethod is to experiment with hashtags.

1st Method

This MethodMethod includes searching for photos by the name of the account address. The procedures are simple:

  • Using your laptop or smartphone, go to the Picuki official website.
  • The website’s home page is straightforward, and you must enter the name of the Instagram account you want to view in the search bar.
  • The website will display all related accounts that correspond to your search contact. From there, you can easily find your desired account.
  • You’ve located your desired account; click on it to view all associated photos and images. It also displays the post, which can be downloaded.
  • Find the photo or post you want to save and press the download button.

Method number two

This MethodMethod is similar to the first, but it searches for photos based on the tagline:

  • Navigate to the Picuki website and look for the desired photo tag.
  • When you enter a word and press the search button, it will display all of the related results.
  • You can filter the results to see all relevant tags by using the options provided.
  • It will now present you with a list of all related tags from which you can select your preferred title.
  • When the hashtag results appear, scroll down to find the post you’re looking for.

Picuki Characteristics

Aside from seeing Instagram photos and posts without leaving a trace or leaving a footprint. Picuki also has the following features:

Retouching Photographs

It is most likely Picuki’s most distinguishing feature. It gives the user the ability to edit photos from other people’s Instagram accounts. This is a one-of-a-kind feature that is only available to Picuki. You can edit the images by changing their resolution, applying filters, adjusting brightness, exposure, contrast, saturation, and varying effects. Before downloading, you can also crop and rotate the images.

Receive access to the stories

Picuki users can also watch the stories of various Instagram accounts without logging in to the app. The process of managing online reports is simple. To begin, you must use the MethodMethod described above to access Instagram. In the Instagram account, there is a story option. Click it, and you’ll be able to view all of the stories without logging in. If the video does not play in the browser, download it to the device, and it will play in the media player.


Keeping up with Instagram posts, photos, and stories had never been easier. When you search for an account on Instagram and view some of its posts or pictures, the algorithm saves it and then displays the posts related to it. It can be vexing at times. Picuki also eliminates the possibility of unintended consequences. It is easy to use, legal, and safe.