Jensen Ackles Finally Has A Proper Supernatural Replacement, 4 Years After The Show Ended



  • Jensen Ackles became known for playing Dean Winchester in Supernatural, but his new leading role in Countdown may finally give him another long-running character.
  • Countdown, created by Derek Haas, centers on a murder investigation with Ackles as LAPD officer Mark Meachum.
  • Unlike previous major roles like Soldier Boy in The Boys, Ackles is the true lead in Countdown.

From 2005 to 2020, Jensen Ackles became well-known for portraying Dean Winchester on Supernatural, and he is now taking on a brand-new leading role beyond the paranormal drama. Since the 1990s, Ackles has had an active career, but Supernatural is the series that truly thrust him into the limelight. After appearing in every Supernatural season, Ackles became cemented as Dean Winchester, the reckless and stubborn older brother of the Winchester duo.

It has been four years since Supernatural’s series finale, and though Jensen Ackles has been hard at work, it is hard to shake his reputation as Dean Winchester. The main reason for this is Supernatural’s length. After playing one role for 15 years, it is difficult for audiences to separate the actor from the character. Plus, Ackles returned to play Dean in The Winchesters. Although the actor has been in some major roles since then, including Soldier Boy in The Boys, he is now set to lead his own series in a brand-new project.

Countdown Finally Gives Jensen Ackles His Supernatural Replacement Show

Countdown Will Be Ackles’ Next Big Leading Role

Although Jensen Ackles has been busy since Supernatural’s ending, his upcoming leading role could finally be a good replacement for Dean Winchester. Reportedly, Jensen Ackles is leading a new series called Countdown. The show was created by Derek Haas, who is best known for his work on FBI: International and the One Chicago franchise. Produced by Prime Video, the series centers on a murder that takes place in broad daylight, and an LAPD agent who must join a special team to solve the crime. Ackles plays the protagonist, LAPD Officer Mark Meachum.

season 1 will have 13 episodes.

Countdown could be big for Ackles because it is his first show, post-Supernatural, where he is the true lead. In both The Boys and Big Sky, Ackles played a main role but did not start as the lead character. In Countdown, though, Ackles is not only the main role but the first person to be cast, suggesting the entire project will center around his character. This hints that Jensen Ackles is the big name on this project, and therefore, his role as Mark Meachum could be just as influential as Dean Winchester was if Countdown works.


Why A Jensen Ackles Tracker Spinoff Feels Inevitable Now

Jensen Ackles starred as Russell Shaw, Colter’s brother, in one episode of the CBS drama Tracker, and his own spinoff is seemingly a guarantee.

What Else Jensen Ackles Appeared In Since Supernatural

Ackles Has Been In The Boys, Walker, & Big Sky

Jensen Ackles in his Soldier Boy costume in The Boys

Since Supernatural’s series finale in 2020, Jensen Ackles has continued appearing on television. In 2022, he made a cameo on The CW western, Walker. More recently, he took on a small role in 2024’s Tracker. However, Ackles has had several important roles beyond Dean Winchester as well. In Prime Video’s The Boys, Ackles plays the villain Soldier Boy. Furthermore, he became the lead character in the third season of Big Sky. Despite these various parts, though, Jensen Ackles is still heavily connected to Supernatural. While this isn’t necessarily a bad thing, things might change thanks to his new leading role.

Every Series Jensen Ackles Has Been In Since Supernatural

Year of Release



Big Sky


The Boys season 3


The Winchesters


Gen V







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