How to cut down homework time to half?

The amount of time you spent in your daily homework completion, bears no direct correlation to the quality of knowledge and the learning attended. That means the homework help that takes the maximum amount of time, for its completion, isn’t called being productive. So, there are always tips and tricks which can be learned in order to complete the homework on time. 


Homework tasks always create pressure in students’ minds, so the students who are facing problems like ADHD fail in school, and almost every parent of students with ADHD has been in the front line of the homework battle. 


The National Education Association and the parents and teacher association recommend 10 min per grade level of homework solving, this means you need to invest your maximum time of only 10 minutes in homework completion. 


For example, if any students are in sixth grade then they should spend roughly 60 minutes on homework, while the first grade should spend no more than 10 minutes each evening. If the teachers are piling a burden of homework then, you need to discuss it with them.


Following are some given strategies which you need to follow to shorten your completion time and reduce your stress.


The guidelines that teachers need to follow while assigning homework to the students.


Assign homework individually.

All students are not equal in their studies. This must get understood by all the teachers. So it is better to assign individually, rather than piling in bulk. Daily observation and class performance of the week helps in determining the individual capacity of the student. 


Before assigning the individual class the same math practice or reading passages, it is always suggested to all the teachers to look into the student’s weak areas, which means where does each child need some extra practice. It is fact that individualizing helps with homework solving increases the capacity that the children will complete on their own.  


The teachers must assign the creative homework.

It is advised to all teachers to give your child creative style homework, be creative and give your students various options for the homework. For example learning weekly vocabulary words, or rap songs by their own, or creating one PowerPoint presentation using their own words. The homework should be given in such a way that it creates an enthusiastic feeling in student’s minds about the homework process if they are given the choices.


Don’t assign it as a punishment.

It is always recommended to all the teachers not to overburden the child with a bulky task. The task must be given in a limited amount, which the students can finish in a Limited  Interval of time, because heavy loads of tasks decrease the individual capacity. Limited homework assigned within the deadline is more beneficial for individual performance.


The students need to follow the following guidelines and rules in order to complete THEM within the limited time frame.


Schedule a time properly.

It is always advised to all the students to note down all their assignment help in a copy which they need to complete at the end of the day. By making your schedule you will be able to complete it easily. Parents are suggested to help in fixing their schedule. 


Have comfortable clothes and make sure that the environment must be free from all sorts of distractions. These all should be done in terms of parents support in homework making. 


Take a short break in between the task

Students are asked to take a short in between the task, it not only re-energizes them but also motivates them for further work completion. The breaks must be of 5-10 minutes of maximum, it should not be extended more than that specific time, in which you can do some sorts of stretching exercises, or you can listen to some mindfulness music which activates your mind and body.


Find a good tutor.

Finding one good teacher is itself a challenging task. But, if you are facing a problem with homework completion, then you must appoint someone for help. It not only eases your task, but you are going to complete your work within the deadline. 


If you are not getting any good option of tutors, then you may please your seniors for help. They not only help you out in the homework completion. But, also going to provide you the best guidance with support.


Avoid interruption in between the tasks.

Once you started your homework solving. Then you must switch off your phone calls for your time being. Hold your telephonic calls until break time or until homework is completed. 


putting your phone away while doing homework not only helps you to solve your assigned tasks distraction-free, but it also keeps you away from the sound of the notification, which you listen to  every 10 min. 


Let me know if you want more detailed knowledge about the homework with home, we will provide you with the best guidance with support.