How Much is Living in Australia?

An independent qualifying visa does not require showing finances, while, as for sponsored visas, some sponsoring states require showing $ 25,000– $ 40,000 per family.

Business visas also include, on top of all other financial criteria, a mandatory $ 50,000 per family for settlement purposes.

In fact, you need some money until you find a job, and despite the fact that the minimum official living amount is 12 thousand dollars a year, it is difficult to live in Australia for a whole year with that kind of money. Expect at least 25k per year. To find a perfect house for your family in Australia, please explore Units for sale Wollongong.

5 reasons to live and study in Australia

At the mention of Australia, many associate with kangaroos, surfing, the Opera House and luxurious beaches. But, in addition, it is a country of high-quality education, high living standards and safety, with a comfortable climate and minimal air pollution. All this makes Australia ideal for living and studying.

Let’s take a look at 5 main factors that can be decisive when you decide to study in Australia.

  1. Standard of living

Australia is often ranked in the top five on the OECD (Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development) list for the country with the best quality of life. All indicators that are taken into account when compiling the rating are above average in this country. For example, the average life expectancy of Australians is 83 years, while the average of other countries is 80 years. Nearly 85% of Australians consider themselves healthy, happy and content with their lives.

The average Australian wage is nearly $ 27,000 a year. Despite the fact that they work 137 hours less per year than residents of other countries. And men, on average, devote at least 3 hours of time daily to children, family and household chores.

Here, a measured pace reigns in everything, people live for their own pleasure. A typical day for an Australian looks like this: surfing in the ocean, breakfast, and work, lunch in the park, work, dinner and relaxation with friends.

For those who have just come to live or study in Australia, such a slow pace of life seems unusual, but you can quickly adapt to it.

This is an ideal country for finding oneself and self-expression, because freedom and equality for everyone here is the foundation of society.

Australians trust the government and feel secure.

During the last elections, turnout was 95% – the highest among all OECD countries.

An Australian passport provides visa-free travel to almost every country in the world.

  1. Quality of education

Australia’s education system is similar to that in other developed countries of the world, and is largely based on the British model.

The country is attractive for international students for many reasons, the main ones of which are:

  • High quality education and compliance with state standards
  • Employment opportunities while studying
  • Demand for good specialists and the likelihood of obtaining a residence permit after 2 years of official work
  • Choice of items in accordance with your own preferences
  • High standard of living and security in the country
  • Loyal and equal treatment of foreign students
  • Worldwide recognition of an australian diploma