Cyber Boy Corp’s 3D Game Drops May 5 2021:

Cyber Boy
Cyber Boy

In the last decade more than 100 billion console games have been sold. This proves that video game downloads are increasing day by day and clearly means the gaming industry is earning more than Hollywood’s blockbusters. Because of the growing demand for video games, there are very few companies who can supply the right genre and storyline to keep the gaming community entertained. Sr. Roy Andrade, CTO, Cyber Boy Corp. is working with one eye open and one eye closed as he witnesses his teamapproach the finish line.

Among the very few software companies that are renowned, Cyber Boy Corp., is presently yawning as it makes a name for itself among the gaming community and all walks of life as it prepares to launch its 3D video game in May.

Description About Cyber Boy Corp’s:

It is a technology and software company bundled up into one, and located in the heart of Beverly Hills, California, USA and the CTO of this multinational business organization is Sr. Roy Andrade of the United Kingdom.

Who hasn’t heard of Covid-19? Hundreds of thousands of companies have closed their doors permanently as a result of the global pandemic and Cyber Boy Corp.’s CTO has continued to prosper during these unpredictable times. His company’s doors have remained open as he and his associated exchange new ideas.

The CTO of Cyber Boy Corp., Sr. Roy Andrade, stated, “I believe in God, and I believe that hard works pays off. If, we mix those two together we will always get good results.”

Andrade thinks that his company’s game developers will bring something new and unique to the forefront of gaming technology and his company will be recognized for every step they take along their journey. Cyber Boy Corp. has been in the tabloids off and on in 2020. Now, the software giant has a video game to boast about in 2021.

According to rumors surfacing the internet, the 3D chess game will attract every chess player’s attention and provide them the opportunity to compete with some of the best chess players in the world for cash prizes.

The 3D Chess Game Released By Cyber Boy Corp.’s Video Game Department:

As we mentioned above the Cyber Boy Corp. will release its first 3D chess video game on 5th May, 2021 with the help of hard working employees and Company’s CTO Sr. Roy Andrade.

Most companies were closed at the time of Covid-19 but Cyber Boy Corp. remained open and worked on its first 3D chess video game.

If we talk about the game, then we might as well mention that the 3D chess game comes with, CyberBoy, the star character. The main motive of this game is to give opportunity to every chess player to become famous worldwide.

Other than this, the 3D chess game will bring the amazing chess player community together on its website can check it out for more details.

On the official website there will be different types chess competitions performed and prizes will be distributed to the winner.

Overall this 3D game will attract too many chess players, if you want to become a best chess player in the world then this game will be the perfect option for you.

You don’t have to worry about the platform then this 3D chess game will be available on all platforms including iOS, Android and it will be also available for PC.