Can Glutathione Actually Make You Look Younger? We Found Out


Woman with gold hair accessories

I was recently having a conversation with an editor friend of mine when, naturally, our conversation drifted to the things we’d recently seen on TikTok. We both noticed that a potent ingredient called glutathione was having a serious moment on the platform with some users even reporting that it “made them look younger.” I’m a wellness enthusiast myself, so I knew what glutathione was and was already taking it myself before seeing this, but I was also intrigued by these user reports.

To be honest, as a journalist, I’m naturally skeptical about anything people say on TikTok (as we probably all should be), and this particular claim seemed super radical, but I decided to investigate a little more to see what an expert had to say about this. Can this ingredient actually make you appear more youthful? Short answer: maybe! Keep scrolling. I did a bit more of a deep dive below.

What Is Glutathione?