3 benefits to living in London

There are many wonderful places to live in the UK but London still has a magic all of its own. A true 21st-century place to put down roots, it has a great range of property to buy or rent. It is also home to a diverse cultural mix which gives it a truly unique flavour. At present, London is home to around 9 million people. This alone shows how attractive a place it is to call home and the magnetic draw it has for people.

But what specific benefits are there to living in the UK’s capital?

1. Plenty of self-storage options

One main benefit of living in London is the wide range of self-storage options. Whatever part of the capital you end up living in, you should be able to find great value London storage. accumulate plenty of clutter and possessions over time!

This can see your home get cramped pretty quickly. Not everyone wants to move, get rid of excess items or pay out for expensive building work to create extra room though. Self-storage is the ideal answer, as it enables you to stay in the home you love but without having to bear the high costs of extending the property. This makes any location with lots of self-storage options very attractive and a great place to live.

2. Superb transport infrastructure

One of the best benefits of living in London is the great transport network. The London Underground, for example, is a quick, easy and relatively inexpensive way to get around. The buses in London are also good value for money and run at convenient times. This makes it simple to see all the capital has to offer and enjoy some great days out at places like the London Eye or Hyde Park. It is also pretty cool for enjoying nights out when you don’t want to drive!

There are also the famed black cabs in London to get around in if you fancy a more private way of travelling. These are generally easy to pick up on the street and should not cost too much (depending on the length of your journey naturally).

3. Fabulous shopping, nightlife and cafes

London is known internationally as a lively city which has lots to stay entertained with. This makes the shopping, nightlife and cafes here a big draw. Any fans of retail therapy are sure to enjoy browsing the famous brands on Oxford Street or checking out the range of high street shops available in most parts of the city. The range of cafes and restaurants around London are also impressive.

This is ideal for enjoying leisurely lunches with friends on a weekend or heading out with your partner for an evening meal. If having a few drinks and hitting the dancefloor is your thing, then the capital’s nightlife is a reason to live here too. With famous clubs like Fabric and Ministry of Sound to cut loose at and plenty of cool bars too, you will never be short of a good night out when living in London.

Living in London has many benefits

London is a world-famous city to live in for good reason. As the above shows, there are some real benefits to making your home in the city and getting to know it more. From great London storage to superb transport, food, clubs and shopping, it is no wonder so many people choose to buy or rent here.